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Executive Functions Coaching

Executive Functions are important mental skills that can be grouped into three major categories: Working Memory, Flexible Thinking, and Inhibitory Control.  


Working Memory is the ability to hold information in the mind and then access and utilize it in a positive and efficient way.  Flexible Thinking (Cognitive Flexibility) is the ability to think about a person, event, challenge, opportunity, or thing in more than one way.  Inhibitory Control (Self-Control) is the ability to ignore distractions and avoid temptation.  


Tracey will work with you or your child or student to strengthen these Executive Functions Skills.  Executive Functions are trainable and can be improved with coaching and practice.


Tracey can provide tutoring for grades K-12 in English, Literature, Writing, History, Art, Art History, and tutoring for college/university courses in Art History, Literature, Writing Composition, Journalism, History, and Humanities/Classics.  She can also deliver critiques for Studio and Commercial Arts college/university majors.

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