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Art Representation

Art Consultation


With over twenty years of experience as a Professor, consultant, and gallerist, Tracey is an expert in the Fine Arts.  She can assist in building your private or corporate collection, provide consultation in acquisition and curatorial research, organize your collection, curate exhibitions, and write and edit catalogues.


"Iwould like to acknowledge and thank Tracey Hawkins for the incredible work that she has done for me.  She is kind, intelligent, and incredibly insightful.  Through her understanding  of Art History and Social Media, she has given my work a stunning presence on social media and helped bring my artwork to the attention of new galleries, collectors, and designers.  Tracey is an amazingly bright light in everything she is involved with,  Thank you Tracey, you are a most amazing artist's rep!"


                                            - Gibbs Hasty

For artists looking to jump-start, revamp, or energize their careers, Tracey can suggest and introduce you to galleries and dealers who may be a good fit for your unique style.  She can also assist in rewriting or editing your Artist's Statement, help bolster your Social Media presence, consult on your website design and text copy, and advise you on price points.



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