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As a writer, curator, historian and professor, I am a guide. Every artist, every painting, every sculpture, every exhibit, every class has a story to tell. My extensive experience in every vein of the visual arts has enabled me to become the eternal Virgil.

Whatever your project may be, I pledge to shepherd you along a unique journey toward a destination tailored specifically for your story."

- Tracey Hawkins



Tracey Hawkins graduated Phi Beta Kappa, summa cum laude from Ohio Wesleyan University with a BA in Art History and Humanities Classis and went on to earn an MA in Art History from Emory University.  She has been a Professor of Art History for Georgia Institute of Technology (Georgia Tech) and The Art Institute of Atlanta.  Following extensive training in Mental Health Counseling, she now provides Counseling, Tutoring, and Executive Functions Coaching to the special-needs students at Cumberland Academy of Georgia.  Tracey has organized, led, and taught study-abroad programs throughout Europe for Emory U., The Art Institute of Atlanta, and Georgia Tech. She has also served as the Director of several Atlanta-area fine art galleries, provides art consultation and curatorial services to private clients, is a freelance writer and editor, and serves as an artists’ representative and social-media manager.

"Every artist,
every painting,
every sculpture,
every exhibit,
every class
has a story
to tell."

Gibbs Hasty


I would like to acknowledge and thank Tracey Hawkins for the incredible work that she has done for me.  She is kind, intelligent, and incredibly insightful...Tracey is an amazingly bright light in everything she is involved with.

Cecile Allen

Former Student

Prof. Tracey Hawkins is one of the most effective instructors I have ever had...She is universally loved and highly respected by students and faculty, alike.

Justin Ashley

Multimedia Specialist

Tracey has a presence and work ethic that are unmatched. Her love of art and writing are as true to the heart as she is. I can't wait to work on more video and photography projects with her!

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